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Our Executive Recruitment Departmentis focused on sourcing top-notch professionals for our client organizations. We recognize that every job is unique, and the needs of each client are different. Therefore, we advise our clients on the most suitable approach in each case

Our executive recruitment approaches include headhunting and advertised search. Our experienced consultants utilize the competency-based approach to identify "factors for success" of the job and identify candidates with adequate proficiency levels in those competencies.

For the Executive Management positions, we consider leadership, emotional intelligence and communication skills, as important as the technical competencies.

The candidates are assessed using an appropriate methodology that may include case-study based presentations, psychometric tests, and competency based interviews.

We do recognize the fact that ourclient organizations rely on us to identify the best suitable candidates to fill the leadership positions. We are committed to fulfilling this responsibility. Our team of consultants is experienced and trained, and we have developed systems and processes to deliver quality consistently.

For more information on our Executive Recruitment services, please contact by email on