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Question 1: Do I have to pay to subscribe as a candidate?

Answer: The service is FREE to candidates.

Question 2: How do I register as a candidate?

Answer: Step1: Please click on the Candidates button on the Menu Bar. Step 2: Please click on the hyperlink "Not yet registered? Signup now" appearing in the middle of the page. Step3: That will take you to the Registration page. Please complete the form (two pages). It will take a few minutes to complete the registration.

In the case of easy recollection, we have stipulated that the Email ID to be given as User ID. You can put any word of your choice as your Password. However, we advise you to put a password different from your actual Email Password, as a standard security measure.

Once you are registered with you can log on any time using your User Name and Password.

Question 3: I have been registered on Future Options database for a year now, how come I have never been called for any job?

Answer: This could happen if your CV has not matched any of our client requirements. It's important that you provide us with your latest CV (no charge) and keep us updated on your current employment situation.

Question 4: If I am a registered member on the Future Options website, do I have to apply online every time I see a suitable vacancy/job on the website?

Answer: For every job offer we will look through our database for suitable candidates and contact them before we submit their CVs to the client. If you have not been contacted, you should call us, let us know which job you would like to apply for and we will advise you on the way forward. You will need to contact us before the job application closing date.

Question 5: How do I amend my registration details? (For example when my mobile number or P.O Box number is changed?)

Answer: Log on using your User ID and Password. You will be taken to the candidate's Welcome page. Click Edit Registration Details button on the left hand side top of the screen. You can then edit the registration details.

Question 6: I do not know how to search jobs. How do I search jobs?

Answer: You can click on the HOT JOBS button to view the premium jobs. You can apply online for any job that you find suitable for you.

Question.7: How do I apply on line?

Answer: To apply on line, please click on the "Apply Now" button given below each advertisement, complete the Covering Letter and click Apply. The application process is complete and the advertiser of the vacancy receives your application along with your Profile and Resume instantly.

Question 8: How can I create a cover letter?

Answer: In order to apply for a position, you will need to click on the "Apply Now" button appearing under the advertisement. You will then need to provide your User ID and Password to authenticate the application request. You are then taken to the page that shows a default covering letter.

You can edit the covering letter if necessary. Then please click on the "Apply" button to apply

Question 9: How can I change my Password?

Answer: To change your password, log in as a candidate. Then click on Change Password on the top left hand side of the page. You will be prompted to enter your Old Password and then a New Password that will be confirmed. Each time a new password is generated, the previous one is automatically disabled.

Question 10: I forgot my password. How do I get it?

Answer: Please send an Email from your Email ID (which is the User ID) the portal will provide you with the password, via email. Alternatively, you can send us an Email by clicking 'Contact Us' button

Question 11: I have forgotten my user ID. How do I get my registration details?

Answer: Please send an Email giving full name, telephone number, post box number, contact address.

If the information provided by you matches with the records and after the necessary verification, you will receive the registration details into the email which is used as the User ID.

Question 12: Should I update/edit my Profile?

Answer: Yes. It is recommended that you update your Profile and resume regularly. This will ensure that you have a greater chance of getting short-listed as an updated profile is what recruiters prefer.

Question 13: How can I update the contact details on my account?

Answer: Once you have logged in to your account, you are taken to the Welcome page. Click on Edit Registration Details, button and update the details as necessary.

Question 14: Once I am registered with www.futureoptionsug.com will all the advertisers able to view my resume?

Answer: No. You details are accessible to advertisers only when you Apply online by clicking the Apply Now button under each advertisement. So if you do not apply online for a job, the advertiser will not be able to get your resume from the web portal.

Question 15: I am registered with www.futureoptionsug.com. Do I need to apply online every time when a suitable job is advertised?

Answer: Yes. You need to apply online every time when you find a suitable job advertised on . (The job portal does NOT automatically forward your resume to the advertisers, if you do not click Apply Now button given under each advertisement.)

Question 16: I am having problems signing in. What must I do?

Answer: If you are having problems logging in, you may have entered an incorrect username and / or password. In this case, make sure you are inputting the exact username and password created for your account as your account details are case sensitive. If the problem persists please email us at .