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Organizational Development (OD) is the planned organization-wide effort to increase the organizational effectiveness. The objective of OD is to improve the organization's capacity to handle its internal and external functioning and relationships.

Our interventions will be based on the specific needs of the client. We carry out a situational analysis, review the existing systems, develop new systems and advise client organizations on the time-bound implementation.

Our OD interventions include the following:

  • Organizational design : We work with the Board and Management of the client organizations to develop an efficient and effective organizational structure. Situational analysis and functional analysis are key stages in the process of organizational design.
  • Job analysis : Job descriptions for each position in the organizational structure is developed through the job analysis process. Every job holder completes a Job Analysis Tool.
  • Job evaluation and grading : We use time-tested and well recognized job evaluation and grading methodologies such as Paterson System. We offer both web-based and offline solutions.
  • Development of systems and policies : We develop and review organizational systems and policies and develop manuals. These policies and manuals may range from Board policies and Board Charter to human resources, finance and administration, operations or programming.

For more information on our organizational development services, please contact us by email