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We design and develop performance management systems (PMS) in line with the client needs. Our PMS is conceptually sound and operationally simple. The system consists of three key stages :-

Goal Setting : We provide appropriate tools and train the managers in the goal-setting process. We work with departmental managers for cascading the departmental goals to the individual employee level.

Performance Execution and Monitoring : Regular monitoring of the progress enables the employee and the manager to consider corrective actions, wherever necessary, before the performance period runs out. We provide systems and tools to make this happen.

Performance Appraisal: We develop the tools, provide clear guidelines and training managers and staff in the performance appraisal process.

Our PMS enhances the performance focus of the organization and defines and clarifies the role of employees, supervisors, Human Resources Department and the Management in effective performance management.

We also assist our client in selecting appropriate software applications for performance management.

For more information on our performance management system, please contact us by email on